Chris Brown admitted himself into a rehabilitation centre in Malibu earlier this week following his latest run-in with the law - involving an assault on a man in Washington D.C. - that ended with him spending the night in a cell and being charged on a misdemeanour offence. Whilst the attack went without any real punishment in D.C., his probation officer in California has the last word on whether Brown will face further repercussions for his actions, and despite seeking help for his hot temper, this might not be enough to spare him jail.

Chris Brown
Brown's troublesome ways may finally get the better of him

As reported by TMZ, after a few days in the Malibu resort Brown and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, visited the Los Angeles County Department of Probation on Friday, 1 November, so that the Grammy-winner could speak with his new probation officer. While we still don't know why he has a new probation officer, what we do know is that the new person in charge of determining whether Brown has broken the terms his probation wasn't left impressed by his admittance to the rehab centre.

Can the secret service save Brown?

According to the report, Brown spent the entire time in the probation meeting discussing his stay in rehab and how he was coming to terms with the fact that he might have anger management issues. He, apparently, didn't once mention the alleged incident that took place in D.C. last weekend.

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The Probation Dept. are taking their time to determine whether Brown deserves jail-time

The rehab centre, according to TMZ, involves a heavy dose of "psychological counseling" that will hopefully help Brown get to the root of his anger issues, but the fact that he refused to go into detail about his most recent run-in with the law might work against when it comes to determining whether or not he is a menace to society and needs to be sent to jail for violating his probation. Brown is still under probation for his assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

"Probation is gunning for this guy. They're embarrassed by what he's done over the last 2 years and they've had it," TMZ quoted one source supposedly close to the situation. The source continued, saying that the rehab stint is simply "too little, too late."

The Probation Dept. are said to be looking to file a report to the judge who presided over the 2009 case and should they deem it necessary to revoke Brown's probation, he could spend as long as four years behind bars. More word on this story as it develops.

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He better get used to wearing baggy orange trousers