The singer previously dated Rihanna, but that relationship ended after he was convicted of assault for beating her in 2009, and his last longtime girlfriend, model Karrueche Tran, dumped him earlier this year (15) after learning he had fathered a child with another woman.

Brown has now written about his love life troubles in a note which he posted on on Thursday (28May15), a day after he celebrated his daughter Royalty's first birthday.

He writes, "I'm Konfuzed (confused), I always thought I knew the concept of love. Fame and Money can get in the way of that. Most of my issues always deal with love and me being in my feelings (sic). Not to mention me being a dog sometimes. I can't speak for everyone but I can say that my actions contributed a lot to my karma (sic). Being jealous and angry and controlling. There has been times where I looked in the mirror and hated the person I see."

Brown goes on to insist he has found religion and his faith is helping him become a better person.

He adds, "I talk to God a lot now. He's given me so much and I feel like I waste his gifts becuz (because) of my impulsive personality. The world is full of negativity and I feel I play a part in it becuz (sic) of the choices I've made or mistakes... I always see the good in people even when they don't see it. I love others more than myself at times. Everything u (you) see on the surface does not reflect what's inside. This is my white flag. I surrender to life and all its blessings. I refuse to be petty and attention seeking. To know me is to love me. Good Bad ugly! Sincerely, Konfuzed (sic)."