Chris Brown has joined the 'planking' craze by posting a picture of himself balanced precariously on a shelving unit.
The controversial game, which has taken the internet by storm in recent months, sees participants taking pictures of themselves lying face down and still - like a plank of wood - at unusual locations.
Brown has joined in by posting a picture on his page showing him lying with his hands by his side, balanced on top of a large, round shelving unit, with the caption "Plank!!!"
Actress Demi Moore has also commented on the craze on her account, posting a picture of her aunt and uncle balanced on chairs, while also warning fans not to take any risks while 'planking'. She writes, "Fun is good but let's stay away from dangerous stupid!"
The trend hit headlines in Australia for the wrong reasons in May (11) when a 20-year-old man plunged to his death after reportedly losing his balance while 'planking' on a balcony in Brisbane. Another young man was also arrested for allegedly balancing himself on a police car.