While the world continually rejects Chris Brown, still furious about beating his then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, the lady herself seems to be fully embracing him back into her life again.

Chris Brown cancelled his concert in Guyana, Africa, this week, reportedly due to the protests against his treatment of Rihanna before the 2009 Grammy Awards, which left her battered and bruised. Brown owned up to it and is still under probation for it. Women's rights groups have protested his concerts world wide since the act. Guyana is the most recent country in which protests have taken place, which is why, allegedly, Chris Brown pulled out of performing there. 

Hits and Jams, for Guyana Live, said: "Chris Brown's Management team expressed concerns over recent media reports about protests over the artiste's intended visit to Guyana and his performance here... they have been following reports in the local and international press about the protests over his Guyana appearance." However, Chris' management team seem to think this is false. "This concert was never confirmed." They said, "The promoter is being untruthful." 

While the rest of the world continues the fret, quite rightly, about Chris Brown's actions, his former girlfriend Rihanna seems to have entirely forgiven him. They've been hanging out together quite a lot recently, and she even flew to Berlin to spend Thanksgiving with him, which she announced with a tweet stating "Alone in my big ole jet!! See you soon lover". They have both denied being back together, but there are more and more signs that prove the opposite.