Chris Brown has been charged with criminal hit-and-run, stemming from an incident in Los Angeles earlier this year when he rear-ended a photographer's (not paparazzi, just a bystander) car and left the scene without exchanging his insurance information with the woman he hit.

The L.A. City Attorney has filed 2 criminal charges against the singer, one for hitting the car and another for driving away from the scene without following protocol and swapping information. Not one to leave a fight begging, Chris has gone on the defensive on Twitter to back himself up, continually reiterating that he didn't do any damage to the car and as the day (June 25) has gone on, he has continued to justify himself as an actual person.

TMZ broke the story that he was busted with the hit and run charges, and for a good few hours after the news broke Chris was keeping his Twitter feed regularly updated with his defence. Brown even changed his Twitter profile picture to an image taken just after the accident in which the alleged victim's Mercedes looks relatively unharmed admittedly. Chris has admitted to hitting the woman, but said he got out and inspected the vehicle only to discover that no damage had been done, after which he swiftly returned to his car and drove off.

There's extra bad news in store for Chris if he does get taken down on the hit and run charge, because the judge presiding over the case is linking it back to his assault of Rihanna, and if he is found guilty it would result in his incarceration for up to four years.As part of his on-going parole, Brown will be sent to prison if he is found to have broken the law.

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Chris wont be laughing now

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He definitely wont be laughing if he gets found guilty