Chris Brown has been in court today, in a hearing regarding his probation, related to his beating of former girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. 

On September 23rd this year (2012) Chris Brown tested positive for marijuana, in one of his routine drugs tests that are compulsory while under probation. In court, Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg said, in regard to Chris Brown's behaviour: "I'm going to remind you that what you do and what you say impacts other people". On September 25th a judge ruled that he would have a full probation review, and that is what has taken place today. 

The Associated Press reveals that the judge did not refer to refer to the community service that he has already completed, because records of it were 'cryptic'. However, in the ruling Judge Patricia Schnegg said that he must stay on supervised probation, and will report back on January 17th after the singer's international tour. Brown has already raised eyebrows today after he revealed photos of himself dressed in a Halloween costume that some might deem a little too close to the garb of a terrorist, and was later snapped attending Rihanna's party- with whom he is now on good terms with- in the same attire. This was much to the distaste of the public and the media, many of whom considered it offensive.