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Chris Brown, hang in there, your true biggest fans with keep on pulling for you "Breezey"....just keep on pushing yourself to each level, the higher you will go, higher it will take you different heights! Even though, you still have haters out there, still not given you any chances, they still see you a bad boy; but they still don't see "Rihanna" being a bad girl, and there's also a whole lots of haters for "Rihanna" too! Fans Fans Fans around the world, everybody knows about "Rihanna's" being a bad bad bad girl herself, her image already been tarnish from always being jealous over trillions of girls world wide (get away from boyfriend or get away from my man, he's mine or her eyes had glow and body emotion changes to reflex all those "Chris Brown's" loving fans around the world, always hovering all over him...that would mean, "Rihanna's" always blowing her steams towards anybody get too close for comfort! Rihanna's always had a very bad temper, she's the one who admitted she started the whole slashing out on "Chris Brown" in the first place, just because of a freaking text messages and it had exploded in the thick air! Now, remember, "Chris Brown" can't take all the punishment himself, two people always have something to do, to have a massive fight, duh...if people around the world would have some common sense of things, they can see right through "Rihanna" always laughing inside, she have ya'll always pulling for her, keep ya'll at her bay, stay within her tough and sorrow feelings, bringing pressure on "Chris Brown!" Now, everybody wants to know, how long her new beau going last this time around, before her outburst comes around again, before "Matt Kemp" falls into her trap of jealousy, rage, very bad temper, maybe so many girls fans of "Matt Kemp" gives hugs and kisses to him to see if "Rihanna" would blow any fuses, just like when she had blown so many fuses for "Chris Brown" hmm!!! Now, everybody from both sides have to come clean, both "Rihanna" and her fans, because "Chris Brown" already come clean, everywhere he goes, he's doing great world wide, his music is so amazingly, the love of his music sings and so touching with the moves for all of us can dance. Time to break free, and just enjoy anybody music, no matter who it is, just enjoy it, love it, blast it, dance to it! God Bless "Chris Brown" and "Rihanna" many more success for both parties!

Posted 5 years 6 months ago by Rouge247Taarna

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Chris Brown
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