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Chris Brown, stay strong, keep your head up, keep on looking at the stars, stay focus, your fans around the world are still pulling for you! Rihanna still hiding something in her closet, she needs to come right out, tell the public, who really the blame of starting the whole mess in the first place, of course it's Rihanna! Most people think Rihanna's an innocent person, but she's not, whoever rooting for her, will go down with her! Sooner or later, she will let the cat out the bag, her and Matt Kemp have the same problems as her previously relationships with other people; because, she's selfish, jealous type of woman, and Matt Kemp had better watch out on her bad bad temper!Now, all your "Chris Brown" haters, once "Rihanna" come forward on her back lashing against her ex-boyfriend, everything will come to a halt! Both parties at fault, the public need to come to a close for both artists and move on, and put everything behind them, forget about it, it's over, let both parties sing there heart out to ya'll! Now, it's there personal business, let be bye gone, bye gone, close the door behind them! Good Luck to both parties, wishing restart both careers back on full throttle and back on track! God Bless Amen

Posted 5 years 6 months ago by Rouge247Taarna

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Chris Brown
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