R&B star Chris Brown has been banned from participating in interviews by his management team after questions about former girlfriend Rihanna dominated his last album's promotion.
The Kiss Kiss hitmaker's F.A.M.E. record was released in 2011 but his campaign trail hit trouble when he was questioned on U.S. show Good Morning America about his 2009 assault on his ex.
Brown reportedly lost his temper and smashed a window backstage at the TV studio, and now his team is keen to keep him away from interviews as he prepares to release his fifth album, Fortune.
Asked about Brown's promotional strategy, manager Tina Davis tells Billboard, "Not have him do interviews but to concentrate on performing and recording. It was something we set a while back. We're not trying to be rude, selfish or disrespectful to anyone in any way. If people are going to judge anything, judge him for his talent.
"He signed up to sing and entertain. Not to talk about his personal life. We look at it as starting all over. Our grind, our choices are different than they probably would have been three years ago. But we are humbly trying to get back into the swing of things."