Actress Chloe Sevigny is still traumatised by her controversial fellatio scene opposite Vincent Gallo in The Brown Bunny - because everyone seems to have an opinion about it without seeing the film. The BOYS DON'T CRY star hit the headlines when the movie was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in France in 2003 and film fans questioned her decision to perform the unsimulated sex act on her ex-boyfriend. The film was largely a flop and Sevigny's agents at the William Morris Agency dropped her as a client upon its release. Now, almost four years after the controversy, Sevigny admits she still has moments when she wishes she had never made the movie. She says, "I seem to question myself every day why I crossed the line in The Brown Bunny, but I really believed in the director (Gallo) as an artist. "I guess I just thought, 'I could go to this extreme once,' but perhaps it was the wrong choice. I'm not gonna beat myself up over it anymore. I think perhaps if it had come out at a different time people would've reacted to it differently. "Making it for me was not difficult but the reaction from the public has been very difficult for me to handle. I think a lot of people talk about it without having seen it and that's part of the problem."