One of Chloe Sevigny's favourite pieces of jewellery is a ring from her 'Big Love' co-star Ginnifer Goodwin.

The 'Hit and Miss' star is known for her eclectic style but revealed some of her most stylish accessories are more important to her because of their sentimental value.

She told Grazia magazine: ''I have a little thumb ring that was a gift from Ginnifer Goodwin. It's inscribed on the inside. I wear it all the time.''

However, Chloe also likes to splash out on ''blingy'' pieces.

She said: ''There's a Rolex from the 1960s that I bought last year, I've never had anything that blingy before, it was a big purchase.

''There's also a Russian ring I have from the 1920s -it's black Onyx and gold and platinum with a baby diamond.''

Jennifer is known for her quirky clothing and but rather than source her clothes from far flung places, she buys most of them from department store Opening Ceremony.

She said: ''I wear Opening Ceremony all the time. They have so many great designers but their own stuff is still my favourite in the store. I'm always wearing a lot of it.''