Chloe Sevigny ''cried'' every time she had to wear a prosthetic penis on 'Hit and Miss'.

The Oscar-nominated actress plays the part of a transgender assassin in the new Manchester, England, based TV show, and admits having to wear the fake genitalia was stressful.

She said: ''I hated wearing the penis! It took two women about an hour to put it on every time, and they were very close to my area.

''I had to shave myself for the gluing too, which I'm not really a big fan of. It was horrible, and every time they put it on I cried.''

However, Chloe admits she did not struggle to understand the difficulties of playing a transgender person as she has known people who have questioned it before.

She added to Attitude magazine: ''I mean, in 90s New York I knew all these people who were questioning their gender and identities.

''It's become so much more commonplace these days, but it's something that has always intrigued me.''