Chloe Moretz says she'll "probably" have cosmetic surgery one day.

The 14-year-old actress has revealed her father - who is a plastic surgeon - has many clients who are in the movie industry and believes she will have work done to alter her own looks when she's old enough.

She said: "He has some clients who are actors. I mean I'm sure I'll probably have something done one day."

However, the 'Let Me In' star admits the idea scares her - because of her phobia of needles.

She added to The Times newspaper: "Oh but it freaks me out!

"I'm scared of the syringe. I'm even dreading the day I turn 16 and have to get my shots done."

Fans of the teenage actress may be surprised to hear about her fear, as they often approach her and expect her to be as tough as her 'Kick-Ass' character Hit Girl.

She explained: "I've had people be like, 'Hey hit me! Hit me in the face,' and I'm like, 'No, I really don't think I should do that.'

"I'm tough, somewhat. I defend my friends, you know, but I don't go round hitting anyone."