Chloe Moretz won't go anywhere without her toy rabbit.

The 14-year-old actress - who is known for playing tough characters such as Hit Girl in 'Kick-Ass' and a murderous vampire in 'Let Me In' - is often photographed with the childhood mascot as she won't travel without it.

She said: "I still sleep with him and he goes everywhere with me - not in the hold, I carry him right on to the plane, and they take those pictures in airports."

The teenage star also admitted that she refuses to have the stuffed animal - which she has owned since the age of seven - washed for fear of losing its comforting scent.

She said: "He used to be cream but now he's brown and my mom wants to wash him. But I won't let her because I'm afraid he'll lose his smell."

Chloe also confessed to having even more toys at home as well as memorabilia from her own movies on her bedroom wall.

She said: "I have a lot of other stuffed animals in my bedroom too. Ballerina bears, Harrods bears, everything!

"And then I have a painting of Audrey Hepburn and a 3-D poster from 'Kick-Ass' on the wall."