Chloe Moretz is "age appropriate" with her fashion choices.

The 14-year-old actress likes to be experimental with her personal style, but doesn't want to wear anything too outlandish or raunchy.

She told "I think you can push the boundaries in a way of edginess, but I think you should try to stay appropriate to your age, definitely."

The 'Hugo' star likes to attract attention for her unusual fashion choices on the red carpet.

She added: "I like to push the boundaries in what I wear, in that it's new and kind of funky. I'm usually a bit different than almost everyone else on the carpet."

Despite her success, Chloe insists she doesn't often splash out on designer clothes or accessories.

Asked if she owns many designer items, she said: "CHANEL gave me my first two Chanel purses ever. They're just so classic."