Teen star Chloe Grace Moretz is planning to take a break from her Hollywood career and enrol in a performance arts course at New York University.

The Kick-Ass actress moved from her native Georgia to the Big Apple in 2002, but relocated to Los Angeles a few years later to pursue her acting dreams, but now she's ready to return to life in Manhattan.

She says, "I really want to move back to New York when I turn 18. I'm 16 now, my birthday's February 10th... When I was 13 I wanted to go to Columbia (University, in New York) and then I started high school and I realised that school wasn't as easy as I thought it was, so then I was like, maybe I'll just go practice acting at, like, Nyu or something."

She won't be the first young star to turn her back on acting to further her education - Harry Potter star Emma Watson, Olsen twins Ashley and Mary-Kate, Disney brothers Dylan and Cole Sprouse and Brooke Shields are among the child actors who put school first.