With Star Wars Episode VII approaching (we use that word loosely, since the actual release date won’t be until 2015) fans are almost going crazy with speculation – Benedict Cumberbatch and Chloe Grace Moretz have both been pegged for roles in the Jj Abrams movie. While Cumberbatch has adamantly denied any involvement with Episode VII, as has his rep, the Moretz rumors seem to be hanging by an even flimsier thread.

Chloe Grace Moretz,  Teen Choice Awards
It takes very little to start a rumor.

It turns out Chloe Grace is an avid Star Wars fans and has been marathoning the two original trilogies of late – at least her twitter feed says so. She mentioned a rewatch of Episode III being particularly productive, which added fuel to the already quite massive fire of speculation around her involvement.

It's very far from an announcement, but fans are willing to take it.

Of course, that’s not really enough proof that Moretz will have a part in the upcoming movie, which some hardcore fans are already dreading due to the Disney ownership, the Abrams direction and the fact that it’s...new. But the actress has been mentioning Star Wars quite a lot lately. In a recent interview with MTV, she didn’t deny that she’d been offered the part. Then again, she didn’t confirm it either. All Chloe really said was that she was interested.

“Obviously there’s interest, it’s Star Wars,” she explained. “I’d kill to be a part of that franchise. I don’t know JJ, I’ll give you my phone number, if you’d text me.”

It all sounds like a joke, cleverly timed to raise publicity both for Episode VII and for Moretz, who starred in this year’s Kick-Ass sequel and is currently promoting Kimberly Pierce’s remake of Carrie, due out in the US on October 18. So it could all be an elaborate web of lies to keep the buzz going. Or it could be an even more elaborate web of very true rumors, intended to keep both Chloe fans and Star Wars fans on the edge of their seats. Considering Abrams’ history, we wouldn’t put it past him.

Chloe Grace Moretz, Kick-Ass 2
Hit Girl will stay with us for a while, but Moretz might plan to strike while the iron is hot.