Chloe Grace Moretz was star-struck when she first met Julianne Moore and Michelle Pfeiffer.

The 16-year-old actress stars alongside Julianne in the upcoming remake of cult horror 'Carrie' and she appeared in vampire comedy-drama 'Dark Shadows' with Michelle and she admits she was a little lost for words when she met both screen icons because she is such a fan of their films.

She said: ''People like Julianne Moore and Michelle Pfeiffer on 'Dark Shadows' - I grew up watching them and they're brilliant actresses, so you do have a point where you think, 'How am I here acting with you? How is that a thing that's happening?' That does blow your mind.''

However, the 'Kick-Ass 2' star made sure she acted professionally on set and got past her awe on the first day of filming.

She explained to Empire magazine: ''I try to let that happen on the first day. You can't be some crazy fan when you're acting opposite them. You'll just come off really hungry and weird.

''I try not to idolise anyone when I'm working with them because I don't think that's very helpful when you've got to work with them every day. You need to be on the same level.''