Chloe Grace Moretz says her 'Kick-Ass' character's foul mouth is a ''pivotal'' part of the film.

The actress - who reprises her role as Hit-Girl in 'Kick-Ass 2' next month - attracted controversy due to her character's expletive-filled dialogue in the 2010 original, which was filmed when she was just 11, but she insists the profanity is integral to the plot.

She explained: ''In the last film, I only cussed six times in the movie. I counted! But each time was really pivotal and it really meant something.

''And in this film it's the same - it's not like she just drops it all the time because she's older.''

The 16-year-old star also revealed that movie fans will see a lot more of her character's real identity, Mindy Macready, in the sequel and less of her purple-haired, crime-fighting alter-ego.

She told Total Film magazine: ''In the first one, you saw a lot more Hit-Girl than you did Mindy. I think you saw Mindy two times in the whole story. But in this movie, you see way more of Mindy than you do of Hit-Girl. You see this young girl struggling with who she is.''

Moretz will once again star alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who reprises his role as the titular hero Kick-Ass in the film, as well as series newcomer Jim Carrey.