Chloe Grace Moretz’ stock has been rising, well, since she started acting really. She may be young, but she’s hot property in Hollywood, and her latest role as Carrie may just be the film to push her beyond ‘child actor’ and into ‘Oscar contender’.

Carrie, if you didn’t know is a famous horror story by Stephen King, first adapted to the screen by Brian De Palma in 1976. Now, the film lovers horror film is being remade by Kimberly Peirce, who handed Moretz the chance to go down in cinematic history by playing the enigmatic powerhouse child. Eventually, Carrie discovers the powers that lay within her: an awesome ability to manipulate nearly anything telekinetically. And what’s the catylist for this power? Anger, of course. Don’t make Carrie angry, as you can see by the new trailer released. Moretz has played some memorable roles, most notably Hit Girl in the Kick Ass films, where she swears, fights, shoots and generally does everything a teenage girl doesn’t. She’s clearly talented, but now she has the horror fans to answer to.

Chloe Grace MoretzRising star or shining star? Chloe Grace Moretz

If Quvenzhane Wallis was too young to be nominated for an Oscar (and she definitely was; poor thing was 9 and she thought she’d win), then a 16-year-old Moretz might be just about ready. She’s proved her worth for years now, and, barring the drug, alcohol and over-spending tendencies that come with being a Hollywood actress, she should have a long and glittering career ahead, with people remembering Carrie as the film that ‘made her’