Actress Chloe Grace Moretz has called on her fans to help raise awareness about rhino poaching to save the animals from extinction.

The Kick-Ass star, 15, has pledged her support to Rhinoheart, a non-profit organisation which aims to educate people around the world about the plight of the mammals, many species of which are considered to be critically endangered.

Alerting her followers to the cause on Thursday (27Sep12), Moretz writes, "On (Sunday) 8 Rhinos were killed in one day, and last night 4 more. The total number of poached Rhinos (is up) to 338 for 2012. Just in South Africa."

She then directs fans to Rhinoheart's social networking pages to spread the word about the campaign.

She adds, "By going to this twitter and Fb (Facebook) page... and liking/following we can Raise Awarness (sic)... Change the fate of these rhinos!"