'Carrie' is back on the big screen and is the third adaptation of Stephen King's famous horror novel with the same name that was published back in 1974. The new horror attempts to stay more faithful to the original story than the two previous films from 1976 and 2002 as it stars Chloe Mortez as 'Carrie White' and Julianne Moore as her overly-religious mother 'Margaret White'.

Chloe Moretz stars as the tormented 'Carrie'

The plots follows a unique girl in her last year at high school, who for as long as she can remember desires to be accepted as normal by her fellow students and mother. The trauma of being constantly tormented and bullied at school as well as dealing with her abusive, deranged mom, causes 'Carrie' to realise she has telekinetic powers.

An incident at 'Carrie's' prom pushed her over the edge, the students will soon regret not treating the troubled teen as an equal as she rains down a terror of telekinetic power on targeted individuals in their small town.

The third instalment of the revenge tale, directed by Kimberly Pierce (Stop Loss), tries to produce the same horror and shock film from 1976. But does 16 year-old Moretz bring the same eerie presence to the role as Sissy Spacek did in 1976?

What do the critics think of the latest adaptation?

David Edelstein from Vulture thought, "The new Carrie isn't atrocious - just flat and uninspired and compromised by the kind of mindless teen-movie "humanism" that De Palma so punkishly spat on."

Davie White from Movies.com also thinks it suffers from a lack of depth as he states "It's lifeless, dull, sanded-down and expected, another unsurprising, irrelevant product for the movie-watching market to regard with curiosity and, eventually, deirision after it vacuums up all that opening weekend teen-cash."

Watch the 'Carrie' trailer here

However, Eric D. Snider of Twitch praised the film's attempt to honour the original as he says it is "a bloody, compelling teen horror flick that, remake or not, outclasses plenty of its peers."

Maitland McDonagh of Film Journal International added, "Where Sissy Spacek's Carrie was a frightened fawn...Moretz's is a whipped dog, beaten but not completely whipped. When she finally bites back, it's in an almost ecstatic rage that's both disturbingly sensual and genuinely frightening."

The new 'Carrie' instalment has critics split but a film with a modern twist as well as attempting to be faithful to its original story would always be a difficult task to execute.

'Carrie' hit theatres on October 18th 2013.

Chloe Moretz
Chloe Moretz at the LA 'Carrie' premiere

Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore,  who portrays 'Margerat White', at the 'Carrie' premiere