After a lot of speculation, TV presenter Chloe Madeley has confirmed that she has indeed undergone cosmetic surgery on her nose a few months ago.

The 28 year old star and fitness fanatic revealed on Instagram on Wednesday night (April 27th) that she “finally” underwent a procedure to have the appearance of her nose altered after breaking it as a child, claiming that it was “not a big deal”.

Taking a post-workout selfie at the gym, she wrote: “So when I was a teenager I broke my nose. A couple of years ago I broke it again haha… trials and tribulations of being an overactive tomboy you see.”

“A few months ago I FINALLY got it fixed. I didn't say anything because it's still healing and to me it's not a very big deal… …but I've had a couple calls about it today so thought I'd put it out there first. So yea, that's about it.”

Madeley, who runs her own fitness and nutrition website, was seen on the TV earlier this year on Channel 4’s notoriously dangerous ‘The Jump’, on which she finished in fifth place.

Her Instagram post comes just a couple of days after she defended her toned physique on ‘Good Morning Britain’, after some criticised her appearance as ‘unfeminine’.

“Personally, I don't care if people don't like my image. They don't make me feel insecure. At the end of the day, I love my body and I'm a fan of how I look,” she told presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

Chloe MadeleyChloe Madeley travelling to participate in 'The Jump' in January 2016

“However, I do get angry when people think that their opinion of how a woman should look is necessarily the right opinion. Obviously, they're entitled to their opinions and they're entitled to disagree. But I haven't at any point said this is what women should look like.”

She also opened up about her experience with trolls on social media, which she still suffers from nearly two years after the unsavoury incident in which online commenters threatened her with rape after her mother (Judy Finnigan, one half of former ‘This Morning’ presenting duo Richard & Judy alongside her husband and Chloe’s father Richard Madeley) made comments about footballer Ched Evans.

“I get trolled all the time on social media, day in day out. If you put yourself out there like there like I do, you have to take the good with the bad.”

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