We can mince our words, right click and look for a fancy synonym and dress up symbolism with metaphor to give you an abstract endorsement, but that fact is: 12 Years a Slave is really very good, and you should go and watch it, soon. Now.

Chiwetel EjioforChiwetel Ejiofor in 12 Years a Slave

The story follows the born-free Soloman Northrup (Chitawel Ejiofor) who was kidnapped from Washington D.C having been lured from a free life in N.Y.C. Je was forced into slavery, working on plantations in Louisiana for 12 years, obviously.

With a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, 12 Years has certainly enamoured the critics. And many of the stars – especially Ejiofor and Fassbender – are tipped to pick up one or more golden statuettes when the Oscars rears its glitzy head in March 2014.

Fassbender will be hoping that his talents are recognised after 2012’s Shame surprise.

The German/Irish actor was thought to be nailed on for a nomination, but neither him or the Steve McQueen-directed film were acknowledged by the Academy. He spoke to Irish Central about his work on the film.

Michael FassbenderMichael Fassbender is an Oscar favourite for Best Supporting Actor

“He (McQueen) told me when we were on the 'Shame' press junket that the next film he wanted to make was about slavery and I thought, ‘Of course, that makes sense,’” explained Fassbender.

“And then I got the script several months later and I read it. At that point he didn’t say, ‘I want you to play Edwin Epps’ (the brutal Louisiana slave owner) but when I read it I was hoping he would offer me that role. I called him up immediately after I read the script and said I’d do anything to work on this, even if it’s only one or two days work, I want to be involved.”

The film boasts an incredible cast, with people like Brad Pitt playing lesser roles to accomodate the story.

Brad PittBrad Pitt in 12 Years a Slave

He tells U.S. breakfast show Today, "I'm there (onscreen) to support the story. The main performances are Chiwetel Ejiofor, Lupita Nyong'o, Fassbender. These are such demanding parts. These guys had to keep themselves in a perpetual state of angst and foreboding and longing and they did it, they did it. They held themselves through the entire filming process."

12 Years A Slave opens this Friday (Oct 18) and comes at a time when highly-rated Oscar contenders are flooding the market.