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Introducing: Our Favourite New Band From Canada, Chic Gamine

Chic Gamine

Chic Gamine gaze at their reflections

Canadian five-piece Chic Gamine unveil their own brand of Motown-inspired soul-pop (if it's to be defined at all) internationally, blowing us away with their flawless harmonies and inviting personalities. 

The band formed back in 2007 in Winnipeg, Canada after several unsuccessful musical projects brought them together. "Some of us were in previous bands together and it seemed that those bands ended at around the same time and there was still a desire to continue working together and writing together in some capacity," singer Andrina told us in a recent video interview shot in their tour van where they "spend 90% of [their] time." Though she admits it was a bit of a logistical nightmare at first - with drummer Sacha living a 30-hour drive away in Montreal - the travel was worth it in the end as they won a Juno Award for their 2008 self-titled debut album. Now with 'Closer', they're planning to take the rest of the world by storm.

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Chic Gamine - Video Interview

Interview with Chic Gamine

Canada soul group Chic Gamine present a video interview shot in their tour van which is parked up in the snow-covered prairie of Saskatchewan. They talk about their music, their album and their upcoming UK tour.

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Chic Gamine - Paper Moon

Canada vocal/percussion group Chic Gamine perform their track 'Paper Moon' for us outside in the snow in Saskatchewan, Canada. The song features on their new album 'Closer' which they have now unveiled in the UK.

The song features the band set up in a similar style to their 'Shake Off Your Worries' video, with limited instrument use. Sacha plays a single drum, while Andrina plays the triangle which gives the track a rather Christmassy feel as they huddle in the snowy prairie. Annick is leading the vocals while the other girls join in with flawless harmonies, never missing a single note. It's slow with a hint of sadness in the lyrics, but they manage to present it in an incredibly uplifting way. Chic Gamine maintain to be so contemporary and relevant, and yet never losing that classic soul vibe. At the end of the video, the group give us a further glimpse of their 'middle of nowhere' surroundings where they chose to perform their song.

Following the release of 'Closer', Chic Gamine took to the UK to promote their ground-breaking sound that Mavis Staples has likened to The Staples Singers themselves. The album was mixed by Rick Rubin's studio engineers who have previously worked with Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake.

Chic Gamine - Shake Off Your Worries

Canadian soul collective Chic Gamine release a video to their debut UK single 'Shake Off Your Worries' which is due out on December 1st 2013. It features on their second studio album 'Closer' which was first released in Canada in 2010.

It's a simple performance video and the track is virtually a cappella with hand-clapping and foot-stomping as the only rhythm before a little percussion is introduced. There is no need for anything other than simplicity in a video for a song this powerful. The God-inspired lyrics are sung with an incredible amount of soul - the refined vocal dexterity only enhanced by the retro style harmonies from backing singers.

The Motown inspired band have been around since 2007, impressing their Canadian audience with their self-titled debut album which won them a Juno Award. Among their high profile shows are two consecutive spots at Texas' SXSW Festival and a performance at the 2012 winter Olympics. They are set to tour the UK this year after introducing their sound to the nation, including three London shows. The band described 'Closer' as autobiographical to everyone in the group. 'Recurring themes would for sure be heartbreak and figuring out life as a 20-30 something but also there is hopefulness and a childlike playfulness in the way that those themes are represented, so it's not just one big sad record', they said.

Chic Gamine

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