Delilah ''doesn't really understand'' Cheryl Cole's bum tattoo.

'Fight for This Love' singer Cheryl recently unveiled her new inking - which includes a pair of detailed roses on her buttocks and another on her lower back - and while impressive, fellow pop star and tattoo fan Delilah wouldn't like the same kind of design herself.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I don't really understand it. I mean, each to their own, whatever makes you happy.

''She probably doesn't know what it really looks like - you can't really see your own bum, can you? But if she likes it then good for her. Personally, she looks a bit like a rose bush.''

Delilah, 22, has a number of her own tattoos, including flowers on her arms, and is planning to get more, including a special inking for her birthday later this month.

She said: ''Yes actually I am planning to get one for my birthday. I've got some writing I'm going to put on my wrist - I'm not going to tell you what it says, but just a little mantra - words that mean something.''

Delilah performed an intimate show in London last night (12.09.13) as part of the MasterCard Priceless gigs showcase for 300 MasterCard cardholders at the Under the Bridge venue in London.

Her hour-log set included tracks including 'Go' and 'Love You So', as well as a cover of 'Gypsy Woman' by Crystal Waters.

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