A shampoo advert featuring British star Cheryl Cole has escaped a ban in the U.K. after fans complained about the singer wearing hair extensions in the promo.
The Girls Aloud hitmaker appears in the television commercial for L'Oreal, saying, "Weak, limp, lifeless; it's time our hair got a life... My hair feels stronger, full of life, replenished, with a healthy shine. It's got its mojo back".
Britain's Advertising Standards Authority (Asa) received 40 complaints claiming the clip is misleading because Cole has boosted her locks with extensions - but L'Oreal representatives insist the commercial is not intended to imply consumers' hair will look exactly like the star's.
Executives at the ASA have now rejected the complaints and refused to place a ban on the advertisement.
A statement from the watchdog reads, "We considered most consumers would interpret the ads to mean the product would have an effect on the look and feel of hair that was weak, limp, lifeless, dull or straw-like. However, they were likely to understand that individual results would vary according to their own hair type."