Cheryl Cole won't sacrifice her relationship with Tre Holloway by asking him to move to the UK.

The 'Parachute' singer is planning to relocate to the US with her American dancer beau, rather than asking him to move to be with her.

A source told Closer magazine: ''Cheryl's family have suggested she persuade Tre to move to the UK full time, but he's made it clear his career is in the US. He's also close to his family, especially his mum Shirley, and wants to be near them.

''Cheryl understands her family are making these suggestions out of love - but she's determined she won't risk losing Tre for anyone. She's told Joan that she knows she's worried, but she won't sacrifice her relationship with Tre.''

Although she is excited about relocating, Cheryl, 29, is worried about leaving her family behind, especially her mother Joan Callaghan.

The source added: ''Cheryl gets homesick - even on holidays. She had always said, while she loves Los Angeles and wanted to make her mark there, she'd never leave the UK as it's her home.

''She's now nervous about making a permanent move and has asked her mum to emigrate with her if she leaves - but Joan's happy in the UK.''