Cheryl Cole's butt tattoo makes her look like a chav, according to Louis Walsh

The 'X Factor' UK judge has blasted the former Girls Aloud singer's floral design - which covers her bottom - insisting it was a ''stupid'' idea.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''It looks like the sort of thing Katie Price would have done ... So stupid. awful. Chavarama.''

The 'Call My Name' hitmaker's own mother has previously criticised the ink, with reports claiming she ''freaked'' out when she saw the full design.

A source had revealed: ''Joan phoned to ask her, 'What the hell is that?' She was shocked. She knew Cheryl was getting more tattoos done but had no idea how big this one actually was. It freaked her out to see it in pictures before seeing it in the flesh as well.

''Prior to unveiling it, Cheryl had only told boyfriend Tre Holloway the full plan, and he was behind her all the way. He told her he loved it. But her mum couldn't help asking if she'd done the right thing. Cheryl told her it was a bit late to be worrying now.''