Cheryl Cole's ex-boyfriend Tre Holloway was spotted ''dirty dancing'' with another woman.

The 28-year-old hunk - who recently split from the Girls Aloud singer after 14 months together - was seen 'twerking' with 24-year-old former PR girl Katherine Griffiths during a night out at trendy nightclub Back Room in Sydney, Australia, on Saturday (05.10.13).

A source said: ''Several people gathered at Kat's place in Sydney for pre-drinks. Tre was there and Kat was sitting close to him and he had his arm round her. They were obviously close.

''Kat said Tre was staying there and she said they had known each other for a few years. Before he met Cheryl, even.

''It seemed he had come to Australia specifically to see her. He didn't have any mates with him. He wasn't interested in speaking to any other girls there, just her. He even made it clear to one girl he was there to see Kat and only her.''

Tre flew out to see Katherine - originally from Wiltshire, South West England - at the end of last week and the pair went see to a Rihanna gig on Friday night (04.10.13) before heading to her house to party with her friends on Saturday night.

They enjoyed a few drinks at the brunette beauty's abode before heading out into Sydney separately from the group.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: ''It wasn't until about 2am that we bumped into them again at the Back Room. They were dancing really close, 'twerking', for a couple of hours. At the end of the night they left together.''

Cheryl took to her Twitter account yesterday (09.10.13) to thank her fans - who she calls her 'Little Soldiers' - for their support in the wake of her split from Tre.

She tweeted: ''Sometimes I just sit here by myself wondering why you're all so kind and nice and caring towards me. It's gets overwhelming. #soldiers

''Thank you for everything I mean that from the [heart] I love you. You're amazing. (sic)''