Cheryl Cole felt too old to be in Girls Aloud.

The singer found it strange approaching 30 and dancing to songs like 'Love Machine' during the group's farewell 'Ten: The Hits' tour and admits something had changed over time.

She explained: ''We've definitely split. I know Nadine [Coyle] always said she never thought we should say out loud the words, 'We've split', but at the same time we don't want to mislead the fans.

''There was nothing really more we could do. I can't imagine going into the studio with all Girls Aloud now. Some of us are now 32. It's just different. It just is.

''I hope to God I'm not turning up to a Girls Aloud reunion and jumping around doing all the routines when I'm 45.''

However, Cheryl - who turns 30 at the end of this month - isn't through with music and touring and loves nothing more than taking to the stage as a solo artist.

She added to InStyle magazine: ''The performing is what I love, what I do it for. All the rest, to be honest, I could leave alone.''

However, should her musical opportunities come to an end, she wouldn't be mind returning to TV, despite parting ways with 'The X Factor' franchise on bad terms when Simon Cowell axed her from the US version of the show.

Quizzed about whether she'd consider fronting her very own Saturday night TV show, Cheryl said: ''I haven't, but to be honest, in general TV's a not great at the moment.

''In the future it's not something I'd rule out. It would be something I'd have to practise and see how I felt.''