British singer Cheryl Cole has opened up about her dramatic weight loss after she was left too heartbroken to eat in the wake of her marriage breakdown.

The Fight For This Love hitmaker was left grief stricken when reports emerged that her husband of four years, soccer star Ashley Cole, had cheated on her with a string of women.

The Girls Aloud beauty, already famed for her slim figure, claims she dropped two dress sizes after she called time on their relationship in 2010.

She tells British newspaper The Sun, "I first got very thin after Ashley. I felt like my stomach was doing backflips - like my emotions had taken over and made me full...

"I liked it. But I was heartbroken. It's not like I look back and think, 'I was so fit and healthy'... I hate how conflicting it is. To have people saying, 'Oh she's so thin, she looks amazing', then, 'Oh, she's disgusting.'"