Cheryl Cole swears too much.

The 'Crazy Stupid Love' singer admits she has a foul mouth and ''overuses'' too many curse words and it's a habit she wishes she could break.

In a video Q&A posted at to preview Cheryl's interview in the August issue of ELLE UK, on sale July 3, she said: ''The word I most overuse is a swear one.''

The 30-year-old beauty also confessed to having a voyeuristic streak as she would love to be able to move around undetected.

Asked what super-power she wishes she had, she said: ''To be invisible.''

And Cheryl insisted she is a very honest person who can keep secrets.''

Discussing the last lie she told, she said: ''I don't tell lies. [Tell you a secret?] I'm not telling.''

Cheryl has previously admitted to sending an expletive-filled text message to Simon Cowell after she was fired from 'The X Factor' USA just days into her contract as she was furious he didn't tell her himself and had criticised her ''big hair'' and the orange shirt and purple trousers she wore for the first day of .

In her autobiography 'Cheryl: My Story', she wrote: ''I was furious with Simon for letting it happen like this. I believed we had a good friendship and couldn't understand why he hadn't been straight with me.

''I wrote the longest text ever. 'F**k you, f**k 'Britain's Got Talent', f**k the orange and purple outfit. F**k big hair. F**k the UK X Factor. F**k you all.

''I hate you. I understand you're a businessman, and what I've learned from this is business means more to you than friendship. I'm sad it's got like this and I wish you the best of luck, but count me out.' Simon texted back, 'Can I talk to you?' I ignored him.''

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