Tony Blair's daughter, Kathryn Blair, was held at gunpoint whilst walking on a London street, in what was an attempted robbery. The incident involved two male suspects who came upon Kathryn and her boyfriend in Ivor Place, Marylebone on Monday, 16 September. According to the Daily Mail, the couple were walking their dog less than a mile from their home when the attempted robbery occurred.

Tony Blair
Kathryn's father, Tony Blair, photoraphed in Toronto in 2010.

The two suspects held the couple at gunpoint, threatening them with the gun but not using it. They were dressed in dark clothing and had hidden their faces: one with a scarf and the other with a balaclava. According to some reports, the robbers asked for jewellery and cash. The suspects have been linked to another burglary which took place half an hour earlier. The police are in the process of tracking the suspects' movements via CCTV.

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