Last night marked the first live results of The X Factor – and boy, were there some surprises. The biggest event of the night wasn’t even related to Lorna Simpson getting voted off though. Oops, did we spoil that? Not that it matters really, since the talk of the night had to be Cher – the original one – strutting out on stage in all her surgically enhanced glory and knocking out a power ballad or two for the X Factor crowd.

Said crowd didn’t seem to appreciate it all that much though and some were downright puzzled by the old school celeb’s appearance. Some seemed to have assumed that Cher meant Cher Lloyd and were pretty disappointed when the teenybopper failed to appear on stage, to be replaced by, you know, the international superstar with several decades in showbiz to her name. One user tweeted: “just crawled out off the sofa after a breaking bad marathon to find out Cher was on X Factor? it's all too much.”

Cher, German Entertainment Show Wetten Dass
Cher gave a solid performance, but all it did was confuse younger fans.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t a great night for the women overall, as Sharon Osbourne saw two of her ladies end up at the bottom. Lorna Simpson and Shelley Smith both had to sing for their survival and unfortunately, neither one’s overly emotional ballad ended up impressing the viewers. At least Shelley lives to sing another day.

Sharon Osbourne, BBC Radio 2
Meanwhile, Sharon Osbourne suffered some losses.