Cher ''didn't like'' taking drugs.

The 'If I Could Turn Back Time' hitmaker has experimented with narcotics a few times but insists it has never been a regular part of her life because she dislikes the effects.

She told Q magazine: ''It wasn't a moral decision. I just didn't like it. I mean, if I'd liked it, I would have done it.

''I got high with my friends - we smoked grass a few times, maybe, I don't know 10 times. And it was always just too much of a feeling of dysphoria and it just didn't seem like that much fun to me.''

This statement echos the comments made in an interveiw with Kiss star Gene Simmons back in 2008. "I smoked pot, like, five times in the `70s because I wanted to be cool, but it made me sick so I didn't do it (again)".

Cher also admitted she is grateful to the Rolling Stones for suggesting she and her then-husband and bandmate Sonny Bono travelled to the UK as they were so much better received than they had been in America.

She said: ''In the mid-60s, Sonny and I had such a hard time in America - kids liked us, but grown ups hated us. They didn't understand why we looked the way we did, and thought we were dirty.

''But Sonny & Cher went on tour with the Stones and they said, 'Go to London'. So we did and the people were amazing. They didn't want to fight us and they didn't call Sonny a queer.''

The 67-year-old star admits her distinctive 60s look came after she and Sonny lost their suitcases.