Cher Upsets Mormons With Alleged Slur - Comments and Message Board

Cher was a disgrace dancing around in her underwear on the battleship New Jersey in one of her videos several years ago.And Moracle, please don't make excusses for her. Cher knew exactly what she was saying and intended it to be an insult. The lifestyle she lives and promotes is clearly not compatible with Mormonism. The more she learns about us, the more she would mock sacred things.

Posted 3 years 4 months ago by CanMan

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I'm a Mormon and I've always admired and appreciated Cher, her personality, and her voice, and still do. However, I realize her views of my faith must have been distorted by false information, because I know her sense of fairness and ethics would never allow her to knowingly put down others, unless she truly believed she was doing the right thing. If she knew what we really believe, I think she would be an avid supporter of Mormons and their beliefs. It's so important to go to the source to find the truth of any organization, not to those who are against them, or in competition with them. Who would go to State Farm to learn about Allstate? Cher, please check out: to learn what Mormons really believe.

Posted 3 years 4 months ago by Moracle

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