Cher doesn't ''want a Kim Kardashian butt''.

The 'Believe' singer has opened up about her own body and insisted while she wishes her bum and breasts were bigger - which she admitted in new track 'I Wish' - she would never have surgery to enhance them.

She's reported in the Sunday People newspaper as saying: ''There is a line in the song where I sing 'I wish I woke up with a butt and a rack'. I really do. But I will not be going under the knife.

''I've got a padded bra, it's a lot cheaper. And I don't want a Kim Kardashian butt because I'm so small I'd just look like an alien.''

The star added her breasts look like ''two aspirins on an ironing board'' but insisted she loves them.

She also explained how she doesn't think anyone is ''one hundred per cent'' pleased with how they look.

She said: ''I haven't met one person who is one hundred per cent happy with themselves.''

Cher might be coming to terms and remaining calm about her own image, but recently blasted the celebration of Thanksgiving on Twitter.

Asked if she takes part in the traditional holiday, she responded: ''I don't.

''For me and my family, it's a day when everyone is free for dinner and a movie, not to celebrate the beginning of a great crime.''