Chelsea Handler’s latest promotional stunt features Conan O’Brien, a shower and weird references to a back massager. Interested yet? Last year, Handler stripped down, again to promote her show Chelsea Lately, but then her co-star was Sandra Bullock. This time, another late night host, Conan, is joining her in the shower. The spot opens with Chelsea entering the show’s staff shower, in her birthday suit, of course, when she’s surprised by Conan.

“How do people keep getting in there?” Handler blurts out and the two hosts exchange some heated words. Well, sort of. Conan, with mock indignation, accuses Chelsea of stealing his old Tonight Show set and his parking space. Oh, and his back massager. "I do use that back massager, although I had no idea it was for my back," Handler replies. It’s predictable, but still kind of funny. Then the conversation turns to whether or not Chelsea is a man, whether or not Conan is allowed to hit her and well, it devolves into an awkward slap fight from then on, until Chelsea’s assistant Chui rides in on a scooter – fully naked, of course. We don’t want to spoil the surprise for you, but he may or may not be hitting her with his privates at one point. Definitely not the funniest skit either Chelsea or Conan have done, but hey, if it’s weird enough to keep you watching, then they’ve done their job. You can watch the video below and decide for yourself. 

Chelsea HandlerChelsea Handler At The 'Fun Size' Premiere