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I love you 3: CHELSEA, HILLARY with BILL CLINTON.The Former BURUNDI s President Jean Baptist BAGAZA with his wife BAGAZA Fausta send their best salutations with respects to BILL with HILLARY CLINTON. They send best salutations with respects to the US President Barack with the US First Lady Michelle OBAMA. From: GILBERT CISHAHAYO BLYTHE, BUJUMBURA-BURUNDI.

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To you dear my near future wife CHELSEA CLINTON,Aka bisou ko ku munwa ie a central kiss.I love you, you love me. You will be my wife, I will be your husband, me GILBERT CISHAHAYO BLYTHE.Know that our marriage, me GILBERT CISHAHAYO marrying you dear CHELSEA CLINTON will be in NEW YORK( the place can change or not)in the same place, at the same momment with the marriage for GISELE BAGAZA being married by DECLAN MAGEE. Gisele BAGAZA gives un central bisou a DEC wiwe.Claire GATOGATO who will be married by Mark MEZVINSKY is okay.She says she sends un bisou central to Mark MEZVINSKY. She says she will marry Mark MEZVINSKY.Nicole NTAGABO who will be married by IAN CLAUS(Thomas SAJI) is okay. She sends un bisou central a IAN CLAUS (Thomas SAJI).She says she will marry IAN CLAUS(Thomas SAJI).From: GILBERT CISHAHAYO MINISTERE DES FINANCES DEPARTEMENT DE LA TRESORERIE B.P. 1830 BUJUMBURA-BURUNDI BUILDING DES FINANCES 5eme etage, n0 513

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