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Cameron Diaz's Sex Scenes Were Guarded

14th September 2012

Cameron Diaz made sure her love scenes for a new movie were well-concealed from the eyes of the public as it was taking place.The actress shot a sex scene with actor Javier Bardem for 'The...

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Cameron Diaz Beds A Cheetah

10th September 2012

Cameron Diaz beds a Cheetah in her new film. The actress plays a character who keeps one of the big cats as a pet in her latest movie 'The Counselor' and had to tame the...

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Rupert Grint Lands Two New Film Roles

24th May 2012

Rupert Grint has landed two new film roles. The 'Harry Potter' star will take on small parts in both 'The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman' and 'CBGB'. 'Countryman' stars Shia LaBeouf as a normal guy...

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Ryan Phillippe Joins Set Up Cast

6th December 2010

Ryan Phillippe has signed up for a role in the movie 'Set Up'.The 'Cruel Intentions' actor will star alongside Bruce Willis, rapper 50 Cent and Jenna Dewan Tatum in the movie which centres on three...

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The Things They Say 9840

10th October 2008

"LASSIE is on there. RIN TIN TIN is on there. This year they gave it to TINKER BELL - she's not even a living, breathing creature. It's ridiculous." Veteran ape star CHEETAH's guardian DAN WESTFALL...

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Ramone Remembered

20th April 2004

Dearly departed punk icon JOEY RAMONE is to be remembered at a 19 May (04) concert at New York's IRVING PLAZA. The fourth annual LIFE'S A GAS show will feature performances by the ALKALINE...

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Mike Tyson Pays Off Stripper

27th July 2003

Boxing wild man MIKE TYSON has paid off a pregnant stripper with a heart condition who was suing him for pushing her over in a lapdancing club. VICTORIA BIANCO has been ordered by a...

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