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Frasier: The Movie?

FRASIER star KELSEY GRAMMER is so attached to his TV character, he's willing to make a movie about him if the opportunity arises. By the time his show ends, Grammer will have played his...

Frasier To End In May

TV hit FRASIER will join FRIENDS and SEINFELD later this year (04,) as the sitcoms that are no more. After months of speculation and talk of a final 12th season of the CHEERS spin-off,...

Obie Trice: Eminem Is Like Frasier

Hip-hop star OBIE TRICE named his debut album CHEERS because he's such a fan of the eighties American sitcom of the same name. The cheeky rapper reckons his pal EMINEM - who also produced...

Danson Tends Bar To Raise Cash

Actor TED DANSON put his many years of work behind the bar on hit comedy CHEERS bar to use to raise cash yesterday (08NOV03). Danson, 55, who played SAM MALONE in the sitcom for...

Danson Suggests Frasier's Ending

TED DANSON wants pal KELSEY GRAMMER's hit show FRASIER to end with a reunion of all the cast from classic sitcom CHEERS. Grammer, whose current show is a spin-off of '80s comedy Cheers, has...

Stars Help Keep Ritter's Sitcom Alive

Stars from beloved TV shows HAPPY DAYS, THE ROCKFORD FILES, CHEERS, SEINFELD and LAVERNE + SHIRLEY are helping to keep the late JOHN RITTER's hit sitcom alive by taping a string of guest and regular...

Obie Trice: 'Don't Compare Me To Eminem And 50 Cent'

Rap's newest star OBIE TRICE is fiercely rejecting comparisons to 50 CENT and his mentor EMINEM, insisting his music is unique. The hip-hop star is eager to avoid being perceived as a creation of...

Eminem Performs At Obie Trice's Party

Hip-hop superstar EMINEM gave revellers a surprise on Sunday (21SEP03) when he performed onstage at rapper pal OBIE TRICE's album release party. Eminem joined Trice on stage to perform DMX's GO TO SLEEP BITCH...

Woody Harrelson Upset He Missed Blackout

NATURAL BORN KILLERS star WOODY HARRELSON is "bummed" he missed the recent "fantastic" blackout in New York (14/15AUG03). The former CHEERS actor was relaxing in Hawaii with pals while north America was struck by...

Frasier Wants Emma Back

British actress EMMA THOMPSON is in negotiations to make a return to the final series of FRASIER. Producers want her to return as the sitcom shrink's first wife, NANNY GEE - a role she...

Eminem's Shady New Look

Rapper EMINEM has taken on his shadiest image change to date - as a hairy bartender with a handlebar moustache. The WITHOUT ME star's unflattering look is for his protege OBIE TRICE's new music...

Woody Harrelson Joins The Fbi

NATURAL BORN KILLERS hero WOODY HARRELSON is being lined up to join the cast of heist drama AFTER THE SUNSET. If he signs on the dotted line, Woody will be joining a star-studded cast...

Matt Leblanc Gears Up For 'Friend' Joey's Own Show

As the end of hit comedy FRIENDS approaches, star MATT LeBLANC is in talks to appear in a spin-off series based on his loveable character JOEY TRIBBIANI. According to the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER - LeBlanc,...

Grammer Confirms Frasier's End

FRASIER star KELSEY GRAMMER has confirmed the next series of the long-running sitcom will be its last. Grammer - who has played psychiatrist FRASIER CRANE in CHEERS and spinoff show Frasier for 20 years...

Grammer Saves Front Row For Veterans

FRASIER star KELSEY GRAMMER expressed his patriotic side by ordering his staff to seat war veterans and relatives of the military in the front rows during recordings of the award winning TV series. But...


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