Abbott and Costello. Matthau and Lemmon. Crystal and De Niro? It sound odd but Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro play perfectly with each other in Analyze This. The story revolves around psychiatrist Ben Sobol (Crystal) who runs a small place with a small client list. One day, one of New York's biggest mobsters (De Niro) has a panic attack and strolls into Sobol's office. You can imagine where it goes from here.

Analyze This is comedy at it's best. I like how Crystal (the comedian) plays the straight man, and De Niro (the dramatic actor) plays the funny man. We explore De Niro's various problems such as crying when seeing heartwarming AT&T commercials. Lisa Kudrow and the fantastic Joe Viterelli are thrown in for supporting laughs. Kudos to De Niro for doing comedy, he's a talent that rivals some of today's comics. Classic scenes and hillarious lines make this one of the year's best movies. Go see this one with the family.

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