The Puerto Rican star recently had to play through a tropical storm in Honduras, but he insists the thought of pulling the gig never crossed his mind as it is easier to have the show go on and help everyone have a good time than try to reschedule his tour.

He tells, "Most of the shows are indoors, but the other day I had to perform outside during a tropical storm. It was supposed to be dry season, but we got this torrential rain. And when that happens, you go with the flow and do the best you can under the circumstances...

"It was packed despite the rain. People came from all over the country and stood in line for hours. I can't cancel, unless it's a security issue. Maybe we're more careful when we dance! But for me to cancel a show, truly, it has to be a natural disaster or some terrible health issue, like years ago, when I got salmonella."

Chayanne reveals he tries to keep himself in shape in between shows by exercising and following a healthy diet, as it helps to keep his energy levels up when it comes time to perform.

He adds, "I prepare physically before, during and after. I work on my choreography more immediately before the tour. But everything else is a constant. It's a way of life. I work out. I eat well.

"During the tour, it's more intense. I do a combined very intense workout for an hour. I run. And in my room I work out with bands to stretch and tone. I train so I can feel good on stage."