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Charlotte Rampling - Celebrities attend 88th Oscars NOMINESS LUNCHEON in the Grand Ballroom at the Beverly Hilton. at Grand Ballroom at the Beverly Hilton, Oscars - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 8th February 2016

Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling

Julie Delpy Apologises For Comments About Diversity In Hollywood

Julie Delpy Charlotte Rampling

French actress Julie Delpy has apologised for comments she made regarding diversity in Hollywood during an interview at the Sundance Film Festival. The actress was discussing how hard it still is to be a woman in the industry, when she added ‘sometimes wish I were African-American’, claiming that nothing was worse in Hollywood than being female.

Julie DelpyJulie Delpy has apologised for comments she made regarding diversity in Hollywood.

Speaking to The Wrap at the Sundance Festival on Friday Delpy said: “Two years ago, I said something about the Academy being very white male, which is the reality, and I was slashed to pieces by the media. It’s funny — women can’t talk.”

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Charlotte Rampling Clarifies Comments On Oscars' Diversity Row

Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling has attempted to clarify the comments she made earlier this week, when she referred to the Oscars’ boycott as being ‘racist to white people’. The French actress, who is nominated for Best Actress at this year’s awards, was highly criticised online for her remarks, however she feels they were ‘misinterpreted’.

Charlotte RamplingCharlotte Rampling says her Oscars’ comments were ‘misinterpreted.’

In a statement to CBS News' Sunday Morning, Rampling said, “I regret that my comments could have been misinterpreted this week in my interview with Europe 1 Radio. I simply meant to say that in an ideal world every performance will be given equal opportunities for consideration.”

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Awards Season Shifts Up A Gear With BAFTA Nominations

BAFTA Matt Damon Ridley Scott Tom Hardy Charlotte Rampling Carey Mulligan

This is the point where the industry weighs in on the conversation that has been limited mainly to critics so far. Unsurprisingly, Carol and The Revenant feature heavily in the BAFTA race. But unlike the awards season to date, genre films like Mad Max: Fury Road and The Martian were virtually locked out of the major categories. (The Martian managed nods for actor Matt Damon and director Ridley Scott.)

Matt Damon in The Martian

Also unexpected for Bafta was the absence of local favourites like Tom Hardy, Charlotte Rampling and Carey Mulligan, and not even one craft nomination for Spectre. Bafta voters also failed to nominate two other current favourites: Creed and Joy.

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Rich Cline's 10 Best Films Of 2015

Pixar Charlotte Rampling Tom Courtenay Emily Blunt George Miller Jj Abrams Cate Blanchett Rooney Mara Mark Ruffalo Michael Keaton Rachel McAdams

There were some nice surprises in cinemas this year, with thoughtful thrillers, quality blockbusters, exhilarating franchise reboots and twists on familiar genres... A Girl Walks Home..., Inside Out, 45 Years

10. A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
An Iranian vampire movie shot in California, this super-cool black and white comedy-thriller is witty, scary and sexy. It's also so original that it takes the breath away.

9. Inside Out
Pixar triumphs again with this inventive look inside the mind of a young girl struggling with her emotions. It's colourful, hilariously silly and also the kind of movie that can make grown men cry.

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The 28th European Film Awards (Europaeischer Filmpreis) - Arrivals

Charlotte Rampling - The 28th European Film Awards (Europaeischer Filmpreis) at Haus der Berliner Festspiele - Arrivals at Haus der Berliner Festspiele - Berlin, Germany - Saturday 12th December 2015

Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Rampling

45 Years Review


Like an antidote to vacuous blockbusters, this intelligent, thoughtful drama packs more intensity into a quiet conversation than any number of death-defying stunts and explosions can muster. Not only does it offer some of the finest performances ever from treasured actors Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay, but it also cements Andrew Haigh's reputation as an unusually perceptive writer-director after his surprise hit Weekend (2011) and his groundbreaking but misunderstood TV series Looking.

Rampling and Courtenay play Kate and Geoff, a childless couple living happily in rural England. A week before their 45th wedding anniversary party, Geoff is informed that the body of an old girlfriend has been discovered in a Swiss glacier more than 50 years after she accidentally fell to her death. Kate is startled that she never knew about Geoff's earlier love, and as she looks into his past she begins to suspect that maybe she was his consolation prize. Meanwhile, Geoff is also taken back to his earlier life, wondering about twists of fate and the choices he made. In other words, after a wonderful life together, Kate and Geoff are suddenly seeing fractures in the foundation of their marriage. And they're not sure what to do about it.

This is a movie that exists in silences, so audiences that prefer dramatic fireworks should probably look elsewhere. Rampling and Courtenay can pack more into a flickering glance than a long speech, so the thoroughly English way their characters approach this situation is utterly riveting. These are complex, fascinating people with full inner lives, still fiery and curious and open to what life has in store. And this new information forces them to redefine their world in ways they never expected. Haigh's sensitive, unflashy direction captures every telling detail perfectly, building subtle yet powerful suspense over the course of the week.

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45 Years Trailer

It doesn't matter how long or how happy a marriage is, all of them have the potential to be flaked with bitter feelings of jealousy and heartbreak. Kate and Geoff Mercer are about to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary, and on the outside it seems they couldn't be happier as a couple. However, just days before their big celebration, Geoff receives a letter explaining how the body of his missing first love has finally been found, preserved in the glaciers of the Swiss Alps. He is forced to face feelings he had buried deep for so many years, while Kate finds herself inexorably consumed in a desperate competition with a dead woman, torn between feelings of sympathy for her husband, fear for her marriage and guilty for her feelings of resentment. The experience throws into question their romantic future, as they realise they must both shine a light on the dark shadow that has always stayed with them.

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BIFF - 45 Years - Photocall

Tom Courtenay, Charlotte Rampling and Andrew Haigh - 65th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) - 45 Years - Photocall - Berlin, Germany - Friday 6th February 2015

Tom Courtenay, Charlotte Rampling and Andrew Haigh
Tom Courtenay, Charlotte Rampling and Andrew Haigh
Tom Courtenay, Charlotte Rampling and Andrew Haigh
Tom Courtenay, Charlotte Rampling and Andrew Haigh
Tom Courtenay, Charlotte Rampling and Andrew Haigh
Tom Courtenay and Charlotte Rampling

Night Train To Lisbon Trailer

When a Latin professor, Raimund Gregorius (Jeremy Irons), sees a young Portuguese woman in a red coat about to throw herself from a bridge, he is compelled to save her. She wrestles her way out of the coat and runs off into the rain, leaving the bemused and mystified professor pondering what it all means. When he discovers a small book in the pocket of her coat, he begins to embark on an odyssey to find her, yet very soon he becomes more interested in the novel's author, Amadeu do Prado (Jack Huston). After discovering tickets for a train to Lisbon stuffed inside the book, Gregorius hastily boards the train himself, throwing caution to the wind, along with his normal, boring life. 

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The Sea Trailer

Max Morden is an art historian who's determined to re-discover his own history following the heart-breaking death of his ill wife. In a bid to re-visit his childhood, he descends upon an idyllic seaside town where he enjoyed much of his summer holidays alongside the Grace family. The boarding house he used to visit is now run by Miss Vavasour and is co-inhabited by a peculiar man named Blunden, and his own daughter is anxiously trying to convince him to return home. Instead, he reflects upon his time as boy, where he found himself infatuated with the dazzling Mrs. Grace and subsequently drew closer to her children, the hypersexual Connie and her brother Myles. He begins to remember significant details from his time there, including an affair between the children's nursemaid Rose and another member of the household, and starts to wonder just how accurate his childhood memories are.

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Young & Beautiful [Jeune & Jolie] Review


French filmmaker Francois Ozon continues to explore transgressive aspects of sexuality (see In the House) with this deliberately controversial drama about a teen prostitute. But since he refuses to indulge in the usual cliches, we don't react the way we think we should, so the film forces us to think about the story in a surprisingly fresh way.

The teen in question is Isabelle (Vacth), who in the summer of her 17th birthday orchestrates the loss of her virginity to a cute stranger. When she tells her little brother Victor (Ravat), he can't understand how Isabelle could so casually dump this boy. And she never tells her open-minded mother and stepdad (Pailhas and Pierrot). Back home in Paris, she secretly starts working after school as a high-class hooker, visiting her clients in pricey hotels. But when her favourite john (Leyson) dies suddenly, her secret comes out. And everyone wonders if she can go back to being a regular teen.

The twist here is that Isabelle comes from a liberal, wealthy family, and has no need to become a prostitute. She seems to do it out of boredom, because she doesn't need the money and isn't that interested in sex either. On the other hand, she loves pretending to be older than she is. Vacth reveals all of this through a remarkably transparent performance that's often unnerving to watch. By clouding her motivation, we almost become complicit in her actions. We certainly can't just sit back and watch passively.

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Does 'Jeune & Jolie' Film Glamorise Prostitution? [Trailer + Pictures]

Marine Vacth Charlotte Rampling

Francois Ozon's new French-language film, Jeune Et Jolie ('Young and Beautiful') explores one girl's venture into prostitution and the impact it has on her life via a beautifully shot coming of age story.

Jeune Et Jolie
Isabelle's Balance Between Schoolwork & Prostitution Is Upset After She Is Discovered.

Isabelle (Marine Vacth) is a young and flawlessly beautiful young girl who makes the decision to earn her way through working as a prostitute after she loses her virginity. Things are going well as she gets to explore her sexuality, revel in the praise of older men and rake in the cash. That is, until she is found out by the police via one of her online, half-nude shots and her parents become involved.

Continue reading: Does 'Jeune & Jolie' Film Glamorise Prostitution? [Trailer + Pictures]

Jeune Et Jolie (Young & Beautiful) Trailer

Isabelle is striking French 17-year-old girl living a secret life of sexual indulgence as a paid escort. On losing her virginity, she decides that prostitution is not only a brilliant way to earn bags of cash, but it also becomes her biggest thrill as she explores all areas of her sexuality while being worshipped by the rich men who pay her. However, when she is found out by the French police and an online profile featuring a half-nude photo of her is discovered, her situation becomes much more complicated. Her parents are devastated; her mother is torn between shame, anger and fear; and it soon becomes clear that she has to start thinking very carefully about what she wants out of her life.

'Jeune Et Jolie' (which translates to 'Young And Beautiful') is a heart-breaking coming-of-age drama about teenage desires and making life choices. Directed and written by BAFTA nominated Francois Ozon ('Swimming Pool', '8 Women', 'In The House'), the film was nominated for the Palme d'Or award at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and won the TVE Otra Mirada Award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. It is set for release in the UK on November 29th 2013.

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Dexter Season Eight Premiere Delights Fans As Show Moves Into Final Season [Watch Episode]

Michael C. Hall Charlotte Rampling

Dexter returned for the last time last night, with the hit Showtime drama returning for it's eighth and final season. Being that it was such a momentous occasion, Showtime made the latest episode of the hit serial killer drama available for all, for free, by uploading the episode to YouTube. You can watch the full episode at the bottom of the page or just read the round-up, which obviously contains spoilers.

Michael C Hall Dexter
Michael C. Hall is back as Dexter

In his return, things seem to be turning out for Dexter at last and dare we say his life in 'normal' in Miami. He is back seeing women, gotten the bowling team back together and Harrison seems to be a natural at soccer as the recreational serial killer has found solace in himself six months on from LaGuerta's death. Dexter is becoming more human and returning to normal life, but as we know things are bound to take a turn for the unexpected and drag Dex back into his old, anti-hero lifestyle.

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