Australian Tv star Charlotte Dawson is quitting showbusiness to pursue a career as a real estate agent after her bullying hell.

The Australia's Next Top Model judge, who was hospitalised last year (12) after being bombarded with vicious messages on, has decided to opt for a quieter life because of the trouble she has faced working in public eye.

She tells Australia's Herald Sun, "I'm tired of the anxiety that comes with working in media, especially as a woman, because you're scrutinised daily, and abused about the way you look... I'm ageing and I'm accepting that. The graceful thing, the dignified thing, is to walk away."

The 47 year old, who suffers from depression, adds, "Mental illness is very difficult to manage, especially when you're in the public eye... That inspired me to work really hard, and get out of the game altogether... It's been wonderful. But a lot of my anxieties and upsets have been due to very public canings. I don't have children, I don't have a mother and a father, I don't have a family, I don't have a partner. I'm a sole provider. I have to put food in my mouth and a roof over my head, so I'm walking away."

Dawson will complete her prior commitments before starting her new job at Regency Real Estate in Sydney, Australia.