Charlotte Church turned to her rugby player boyfriend Gavin Henson after discovering a stalker outside her Cardiff, Wales, home last week (ends16APR06). Henson spotted the middle-aged man outside the gates of the luxury pad when he returned from a training session. After scaring the man off, Henson recruited a paparazzi photographer - also outside the house - to take pictures of the stalker so they could be passed on to police. The 24-year-old sportsman told the snapper, "I asked him if he was a photographer, but he said no. He wouldn't explain why he was there. I asked him if he was a fan but he said no to that. "He refused to make eye contact with me, just pulling his baseball cap over his face. "I asked him his name and he said JOHN. When I said, 'John who?' he replied nonchalantly 'John Scott'. "He then ran off." Armed with a picture of the culprit, South Wales Police are now keen to question the man.