Welsh singer Charlotte Church is resolved to quit smoking for the sake of her two kids - as she doesn't want their earliest memories to be of their mum "puffing away like a train".
The Crazy Chick hitmaker gave up her nicotine habit while she was pregnant with both her daughter Ruby, now three, and her two-year-old son Dexter.
She has since started smoking again, but the star is determined to quit once and for all in 2011.
Church explains, "Yes, I'm trying to give up smoking again. Although I have enjoyed the different tones it's given my voice - it's now more gravelly and low and more suited to the sort of music I've been doing.
"But I know if I keep smoking it will start to affect my voice in a bad way. Besides, I don't want my children to remember me smoking, so I'd like to give up before they're old enough to remember their mother puffing away like a train."