Charlotte Church wants to teach her daughter that looks don't matter.

The 'Crazy Chick' hitmaker described herself as a ''raving feminist'' and claimed she will ensure Ruby, five, understands there is more to life than physical beauty.

She told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper's Stella magazine: ''I want to instil in Ruby [the idea that] who gives a damn what you look like? Ad hopefully I lead by example with that - 'cause I don't!

''I just hadn't realise it, until reasonably recently. Until I had a little girl, really. And then everything started to annoy me - the way women are placed in the world began to really p**s me off.

''The more you understand the way the world works, the clearer you are about certain issues. Mainly it was down to having kids. And having split with Gavin [Henson]. Those things did massively inform me about life!''

Charlotte, 27, also has a son - four-year-old Dexter - from her past relationship with the rugby star and admitted it's easier finding toys for him than her daughter because of the way they're marketed.

She added: ''Today, going shopping in town, I thought I'd get the kids a couple of bits and bobs and the boys' toys are awesome - loads of cool things.

''But for girls it's just image-obsessed c**p. You've got all these ridiculous dolls, or you can paint your nails or do your make-up ... It's all based around image.''