Charlotte Church has been left red-faced after a video tape emerged of her drunkenly appearing from behind a van with her underwear around her ankles, according to the UK's Sun newspaper. The footage, filmed around 10pm at a party on Saturday (9th July 2011), allegedly features Church and her boyfriend Jonathan Powell.
In the clip, the 25-year-old Welsh singer is leaning against the side of a van while a man, reported to be Powell, leans on top of her. After the encounter, the couple make their way back in to the party but Church appears to have her underwear around her ankles. A security guard can be heard saying, "They're p*ssed off their f*cking heads". Fellow guest Jim Davies said, "I couldn't believe it. She clearly had no shame. The pair started getting amorous like horny teenagers - until someone came past. She was so hammered she couldn't even get her knickers up. She almost fell over". Earlier in the day, Charlotte had sung the Welsh national anthem to open the charity bash in aid of a children's hospital.
Charlotte Church split from her fiance, the rugby player Gavin Henson, in April last year. The couple had two children together, Ruby Megan and Dexter Lloyd.